First time grocery pick up

Hello again!

This week I ordered my groceries online and today I picked up order! Do you ever go to the store with a list but a few extra things jump in the cart? Every time I go to the store a few extra things get added in my cart. First off let me just say this saved me so much money and time by skipping the store and ordering it all in my kitchen. I was able to go through my cabinets and meal plan while shopping.

On average it takes me an hour to go grocery shopping. That’s not including the time it takes to load my child into the car, drive to the store, get her out of the car into a cart (that’s usually a big meltdown), then to check out, load her back into the car, pack the car full, drive home and unload them all. Grocery shopping is a big production in my house and a pain sometimes.

When I found out my Walmart was offering the grocery pick up service I was jumping up and down for joy! The site is so easy to use, very convenient! I was able to pick a time that worked best for me so when I got out of work I could go pick them up.

One thing with this is I marked yes to substitutions. I have watched a few videos about if you are not happy with what they substitute for you can refuse the item and they will take that off of your cost. I will let you all know how my first time picking up my groceries goes!

Tonight I picked up my groceries and let me tell you it was AMAZING. They came right to my car with my groceries bagged up and ready to go. They then loaded all of my groceries into my car! I absolutely LOVE that Walmart offers this in my town. I was able to keep my daughter in the car, no melt downs in the process. I did have one substitution this shopping trip however I am very pleased with it. I ordered a small watermelon, however; my Walmart was all out of them so they upgraded my watermelon to the normal big watermelon for the SAME PRICE as the small watermelon!
I will use this service from now on! There is an Aldi opening soon in my town as well so when that opens I will be grocery shopping at both places however, I will use the grocery pick up app for Walmart.

If you have been skeptical about the grocery pick up service I highly recommend it!

(This post is not sponsored just my honest opinion on my first time using Grocery Pick up)

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