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Our go to bedtime books

In our house we believe reading is important for growing minds. We try to read to Braylee every night before bed. Some nights we are unable to read to her before bed but we try our hardest to at least read one book every night. We have so many children books in our house, but we tend to select the same handful of books every night. Here are our bedtime books we love!

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Our go to books are:

“Love You Forever” Written By Robert Munsch Illistrated by Sheila McGraw
This book is my favorite, I can not get through this book without crying. This book is about a mother who puts her son to bed every night all the way into adult hood. When her son gets older his mother gets old and ill. Her son rocks his mother and sings to her. Adventually he rocks and sings his own child just like his mother did to him.

Another go to is “Don’t push the button” Bill Cotter
We love this book because Braylee is involved with reading the book. She likes being able to push the button and do all the other activities the book asks the readers to do.

Our last go to book is “God gave us you” By Lisa Tawn Bergren
This book goes over emotions expecting parents have while pregnant. The mama bear is explaining how excited mama and daddy bear was waiting for the baby bear to come.

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