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Beach Trip

Its never to early in the season for a beach trip! My family is blessed to live in such a beautiful state. If we want to go to the lake its a 10 minute drive down the road. Since it finally stopped snowing and started warming up my daughter has been begging to fly her kite. Yesterday the weather was perfect kite weather, however; the wind wasn’t strong enough at our house to keep the kite up longer then 2 minutes. So we decided to jump in the car and drive down to the beach at 6 o’clock at night.

Even though it was 70 degrees at the beach the wind was so strong and cold it felt like 40 degrees. Braylee LOVED flying the kit.. For about 5 minutes. Once she realized the kit was boring she insisted on going in the water.

The water was freezing cold. Its only May and the weather JUST started warming up there is no way anyone was going in the water! Instead we took many pictures while Braylee’s daddy flew the kite for her. If you are looking for a great time to take beach pictures I suggest later in the evening!

It’s almost summer, time to put together a beach bag together to keep in the back of my car for more impromptu beach trips! If you have any must have beach items for your family or 3 year old’s please let me know! Always looking for new beach toy’s, bag, beach blanket.


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