Mom guilt

Mom guilt is real and it can hit you HARD! I never really realized how hard mom guilt is until my daughter broke down on the way to daycare. Mornings are rough in our house. Most mornings we run behind, not because we wake up late but the melt downs my daughter has.. every morning! When my daughter was little it was a lot easier to leave her to go to work. Now its extreamly hard. Im going to share with you how I handle mom guilt!

How can you leave your baby when they are screaming and crying because they want to stay with you. Every morning my daughter begs to stay in bed with me to cuddle. Every morning I have to remind myself that it will be ok. I cant even tell you how many times I have cried on my way to work because my child made me feel so guilty for working. Its extremely hard to leave your children with someone else in the first place and its even harder when they don’t want you to leave them.

Remember Your a Great Mom!!
Even though your child may make you feel like an awful mom you are doing an AMAZING JOB. I hope you never forget how well you are doing raising your little one. Always remember kids are really good with making you feel guilty! It is ok for you to work. It is GOOD to go out with friends every once in awhile! Dont let them guilt you out of doing things!

Your doing this for the better
Lets be honest kids are expensive shoot i’m expensive. Everyone has bills to pay, tummy’s to feed and activities we want to do. If I didn’t work a lot of our needs would not be met. I keep reminding myself that my daughter starts school soon and she will be at school for most of the hours ill be at work. She needs this time away for her to get ready for school when she does not have a choice but to go.

It will make you a better parent
Going out and having some you time is a must when you are a parent. You have a little one that needs you all day long. You need a moment for yourself even if its for an hour. Go out and get your nails done, go for a run, go out with some friends or your significant other! Its amazing how much happier you will be after your break from working and away from kids.

One day they will no longer cry for you!
I do not want to think about this day but one day they will no longer cry for you to stay with them. One day and it comes fast they will run to their friends and they wont look back. One day they wont want to play with you all day, nor will they want to hold your hand in public. Eventually you will embarrass them in front of their friends.

Plan ahead and prepare
Prepare for the morning melt downs. Wake up earlier with your kiddo to have some time with them before work. Plan for the melt downs at daycare when you drop them off. That way you have enough time to cuddle them and play with them. I have been doing this for the past year and it has made a world of difference!

Enjoy them while they are little. I know its hard mama but you can do it! It may be rough right now, however; hold them tight, cuddle them when they ask and take advantage of them needing you. One day you will look back and will be extremely grateful for these moments.


  • Shannon

    I am not personally a mother, but I KNOW my mom has experienced Mom Guilt more than a few times. A lawyer with her own practice while trying to raise two girls? I have no idea how she did it. But she’s an incredible role model and I wish she would never have felt these things.

  • Valerie

    Awwww! I myself am not a mom, so I haven’t felt these types of emotions yet, but just know that I’m rooting for you! You are doing an awesome job, & I can tell you’re a great mama.

  • Sheena

    Hello Angela, great post! I’m sure that was hard for you. You list great tips to help moms get through the guilt. It seems like spending time with her when you’re off is so important.

  • Nicole

    I would have to say that for me Mom Guilt is my biggest cause of stress – and I’m pretty sure my kids were practicing their psychological warfare tactics when they were hanging out waiting to be born. The only advice I can give for other mom’s is to think back to when you were a kid and remember that your mom leaving you every now and then (or even lots) didn’t harm you at all 🙂

  • Nikki

    I’m not a mom yet, but this gives me reassurance that when the times comes, it’s okay, and to cherish all the little moments before it’s too late.

  • Ingrid

    Mom guilt occurs at every stage of your child’s life. When they are babies like your daughter, they cry when you leave them with someone else and you feel like guilty like if you are abandoning them and not living up to your role as a mom. When they get older every thing error they make you feel that you were not a good enough mom and that that you are to be blamed.

  • Brandi Michel

    Yes, mom-guilt is a real thing! I find that knowing why you’re doing something helps relieve the guilt. You are working because you have to financially. Many moms don’t have to work, but want to. In either case, our children are well cared for and are going to demand things to be their way from time to time. We need to understand that we ARE good moms and just because our kids don’t always see that doesn’t make it any less untrue. Great post!

  • Sarah

    It’s so important to recognize that being a mom isn’t your entire identity. I think one of the worst things we can do is refuse to separate ourselves from our children, through outings, vacations, and even day to day. I love what you said about preparing our kids for separation, too!

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