How I feed a Family of 3 for $200 a month

How I feed a family of 3 for $200 a month!

My tips and tricks on “How I feed a family of 3 for $200 dollars a month”. I grocery shop every 2 weeks which helps us save money. When I was going grocery shopping every week i was spendingnover 100 each time. I was buy items we did not need, we had a ton of wasted food each month because we never got to eating it all. Thats when I decided to cut our food budget it half. $200 doesnt seem like a lot of food however we always have more then enough for the two weeks and end up having tonthrow some out still.

Here are my tips on saving money while grocery shopping!

1. Meal plan

Meal plan, meal plan, meal plan! That way your not going into the store blind. When you have a plan and you know what you need for that meals thats when you can go to tip number 2.

2. Only get what you need

When your meal plan is all done go through the list and see what you already have at home. Cross off the iteams you have already and rewrite what you HAVE to get at the store for the next two weeks.

3. Shop around for the best deals

When its time to grocery shop I look at all the ads online and see who has the best deals going on. I use Walmart grocery pick up (not sponsored) and I absolutely LOVE it! So I tend to make my grocery list on that app then ill head to Aldi. Some iteams are cheaper at aldi, however; some iteams are more expensive. So the entire time im shopping ill compare prices. Whatever items are cheaper at Aldi ill delete from the app. Whatever is more expensive ill keep on my list. When im all done at Aldi ill place my Walmart grocery pick up order. This service saves me so much money because im not walking around the store. Thats what usually gets me because I grab items we do not need.

4. Buy on sale

I tend to buy most items that are on sale. Lets be honest for a minuite there are atleast 5 brands for the same item and they are pretty much the same. I usualy always buy the brand that is on sale. Theres a few name brand items that I wont buy off brand but usually those items go on sale every few weeks. Just make sure you stock up enough to get to the next sale.

5. Build your food storage
The first few shopping trips cost me more then $200 dollars a month, however; by doing that has helped so much now! I am able to make most meals out of my cannets and all I have to do it replace the items I use. The one item I buy every 2 week is meat usually. I buy in bulk and freeze it. Frozen meat can last us over a month before its gone.

6. Buy in bulk
Every couple months I got to sams club and stock up on pantry items. I put aside money for this trip that way it doesnt take a good chunck of my money for that month. By buying items in bulk it really helps reduce how much pantry/household iteams I have to buy each month. Buying in bulk is also cheaper most times then it would be to buy the same amount at the grocery store.

7. Stick to your meal plan
You made you meal plan. Now its time to stick with it. You can write all the meals in a list and randomly pick what your having on what day. I like that option better then placing a meal for each day. That way whatever sounds good for that night can be made.

My top 7 tips on how I feed a family of 3 on $200 a month!

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