Unicorn birthday party planning

Its that time of the year again when I start planning Braylees Birthday party!In other words unicorn birthday party planning! We have 2 months before her birthday and I have a lot I have to get done before than! Braylee has picked out her theme… Unicorn of course. So far we have the date picked out Sept. 1st and my cake lady has the cake and cupcakes design that I want. (Not my picture)

I plan on buying her birthday invitation off of etsy. The pdf file they send you that you can print off at your local store. I have many DIY projects I have planned to do for her birthday and I plan on sharing all the details with you about her birthday!

Braylees birthday is 2 weeks after her birthday party. For her avtual birthday we are taking jer to build a bear for her tp create her own bear! This will be her first time maki ng a build a bear and I am beyond excited for her reaction.

If you have thrown a unicorn birthday party please leave any tips or tricks below in the comments!

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