Late night thought

Here is a Late night thought; Have you ever felt like your doing everything right. Your saying your prayers, going to chyrch, staying on top of the house work, working full time, saving money, just trying to do everything to have a great life now and for your future? I have been working my ass off to try and hit my goals! Within a blink of an eye I feel like everything came crashing down on me.

I bought my car a little over a year ago. Mont car was my baby loved it even though it had high miles on it. (Mistake number one. Dont buy a car with high miles) A few months after buying it i had to replace the front axel. What a pain that was! After that we had to fix many other things. You guys this car had been a money pit i swear.(Second mistake, buying a Chrystler. $$$$$$) Now… now this car had to be worked on twoce this month. Yes you read that right TWICE! Is it worth the time and money? Shit I wish I knew the awnser too that question.

As im sitting here in my living room listening to the noises the tools make that hes using to fix my car in the garage i realized something so little could ruin someone’s night, day, month! I’m beyond grateful to have a job that pays Mont bills and allows me to have enough money at the end of the month to be able to save. I know there are so many people out there who work so hard and they still can’t afford to buy milk at the end of the week. Thoughts run through mt mind of what if i didn’t have money saved right now. How screwed i would be. How the are people who have to choose fox the car it’s oay the light bill.

Something so small can ruin or day yet people lose loved ones daily,a family cant afford bills and groceries, another child goes to bed hungry, would you like me to keep listing what else could be worse then car work? I think you get the point.

When you feel like your day, week, month has gone to shit think about what other people cooks be going through at this time.

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