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Mom Thoughts

No matter how much you love your children or your job being a working mother is hard. When I am at work it is nice because I get to have adult contact, conversations, no one yelling at me needing things every 5 min. I love my job and what I do but there are days when I wish I could just stay at home with my daughter.

Looking forward to coming home from work to see her smiling face. Spending every free moment I have with her. Watching her learn and grow is the most rewarding experience I have ever had.

People told me having my child would ruin my life because I had her young. She has been the best blessing I have ever had. She has been my best friend, pride and joy. Children are a blessing they are never an inconvenience. You are never truly ready for a child. People will try to tell you that at a certain age or if your married then you are ready for a child. They are wrong all wrong. No one knows what they are doing when they are parenting. It’s all a big shit show when others try to tell you the right way to do it.

I do what is best for me and my child. What works best for the both of us. With our best interest in mind.  Some days are rough, whining and crying, irritation, not listening are hard. Some days I wonder if I even know what I’m doing when I know I do. There are days of guilt for getting upset, not playing as much as I should, being exhausted.

I know I’m doing something right when the night comes my child wants cuddle’s for bed, hugs me around my neck, gives me the biggest bear hug and tells me how much she loves me. Then right then I know that everything will be ok. No matter how rough the day could have been. How great of a day it was at the end of the day she shows endless love. Only thing she will remember looking back is the amount of love she has.


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