My Why

As i’m laying in bed tonight I have been thinking. Ive been thinking about blogging and why I want to start a blog. Is there a reason? Do I have the motivation for it? Why why do I want to start a blog? Here is My Why for starting my blog!

I want to start a blog to inspire others. My dream is to be the person others can look up to and have hope. I want to be their for others when they feel like they are all alone. I have been blessed with an amazing support group. I tend to call them my village. They are my people that help me, motivate me to be the best me I can be.

Why did I create a blog? I created a blog to better myself, to better my family, a dumping place for my thoughts. I created my blog for me.

My hope is to let others know no matter what your going through it will get better. It might not feel like that right now but I promise you it will get better. If your a teen mom and you feel like your struggling, hang in there. It will get better!


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