My Laundry hacks

I know i’m not the only one who hates doing laundry. I am really good at washing and drying our laundry but when it comes to folding it and putting it away I struggle. I decided it was time to change my attitude and my routine. So if you struggle with doing laundry my laundry hacks will help you!

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My Laundry Hacks

1. Do a small load of laundry every day.

When you do a small load everyday it helps decrease your dirty laundry pile, and helps you stay caught up on your laundry. Instead of letting the laundry pile up until the weekend do small loads that way when the weekend comes you only have to do your normal small load of laundry.

2. Get washer pods!

These washer pods are a time saver. You no longer have to pour out laundry soap and dump it in the was washer. Instead you grab a pod and throw it in! I absolutley love the gain pods. If you havent tried these out I highly reccomend them!

3. Get wool dryer balls!!

These dryer balls are the best items I have ever used! Instead of using dryer sheets with mine and my daughters clothes I just throw the dryer balls in the load and it works just as well. Also I have noticed is my dryer time have gone down. The balls help move the clothes around so it helps them dry faster! After using these dryer balls I will never not use it!

4. Fold and put away laundry as soon as its done!

I can not stress this enough! As soon as the laundry is done fold, put on hangers and put it away! I use to never do that and let me tell you this has helped me big time! I no longer have piles of clean clothes sitting around the house. This tip alone has reduced the stress in my house BIG TIME! Its so nice to have everything done and not having to worry about folding it later!

I hope my laundry hacks help you with your laundry struggles as it has helped me with my laundry struggles!

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