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A Moms Tip on How to Survive Tantrums

A moms tip on how to survive the tantrums!
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When my daughter turned one year old everyone warned me about the terrible two’s. Looking back I wish someone warned me for when she turned 3! I love my daughter she is my world however I was no way prepared for all the whining and crying tantrums that came when she turned three. Here are my 7 tips on how to survive tantrums.

1. Deep Breaths

When your toddler is having a melt down whining and crying because there teddy wont sit exactly how they want it. Take a moment to yourself for just 2 second before addressing the melt down. Trust me it may seem silly but it will help you stay level headed.

2.Remember they are learning to express their emotions

Being a toddler is hard, being a parent to a toddler is hard. They are trying to learn how to express their emotions and how they are feeling. Trying to express their feelings can be frustrating they might not know exactly what they are feeling and they may need help figuring it out. Talking through the emotions and explaining them to them can really help. One thing we have been doing is drawing all of the emotions on paper (happy, sad, mad etc.) for my daughter to explain what they are feeling.

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3. Talk it out

Im not going to say this is the best thing to do in the middle of a melt down. I suggest to wait until your child calms down a bit before trying to talk through their frustration. When they are having their melt downs its the perfect time to talk through and help them realize what feelings they are having. What is making them upset? Is there a way to help them so next time they don’t have this issue.

4. Avoid Tanturms

Now this one is easier said then done im noting going to lie. Sometimes theres no way to avoid the tantrums because lets be honest for a second kids throw tantrums over the craziest things sometimes. If your child has tantrums in the store I suggest to bring snack or go right after they have ate so they have a full belly. Another life safer is when your out to eat at a resteraunt is the little coloring book with a few crayons that you can get at the dollar store. I always keep one of those in my daughters bag because you never know how long it will take before there food comes.

5. Plan your errands when your child is the happiest in the day

If your child is happy in the morning and very grumpy and tends to have more melt downs in the afternoon I suggest to go in the morning. If your child naps try and not plan anything during that time. I know it may be hard and sometimes you can not get around it but if you can avoid skipping a nap avoid it. Its not worth having a horrible rest of the day because your child’s routine/nap was thrown off or missed!

6. Walk Away

If talking it out is making the tantrum worse and your child is in a safe spot walk away. Sometimes ignoring the tantrum is the best thing to do. I know i’m not the only one who has tried to talk to my child in the middle of her tantrum and it just made her scream even more. Times like that is when I walk away and wait for the child to calm down and is ready to talk it out. Its ok to walk away from a tantrum to take a breath and readdress it. Getting upset because your child is upset only makes things worse!

7. Remember this phase will pass

It may not seem like it now but soon this time will pass. It will get better. It may not seem like it now but they will learn there emotions and how to express them. One day they wont have any more tantrums. Take a deep breath and remember your doing the best job raising your little one!

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  • Lisa

    I personally don’t have my own kids, but I relate to this so much with my sisters! Walking away has always been better for me. As they usually come running to me when then are calm! Haha

  • Nicole

    I’m “lucky” in that my kids didn’t really tantrum – I have twins, so I’m extra relieved. But, I have friends with kids that do, and my heart goes out to them. It’s such a hard thing to keep your cool about – especially when they do it in public! These are great tips – and you’re right, this too shall pass.

  • Brandi Michel

    I love your suggestion to go out at times when your child is likely to be their happiest. While this isn’t always possible it’s a great place to start. And it totally works. I avoid going for a quick stop at the grocery store if it’s close to my son’s naptime. He’s usually pretty cool, but no nap can open the door to all kinds of crazy. Lol

    • Angela Maxine

      Yes it sure can! My daughter has never had that issue since she stopped taking naps by the time she was a year, however; many kiddos I know can not miss a nap or they turn into a different child!

  • Nadalie Bardo

    A day without a child throwing a tantrum is a good day. I can only imagine how frustrating it might be when this happens at the end of the day. Remembering to stay calm and be stern, not folding when they test you.

  • Brittany

    I see so many tantrums on the daily. Both at home & in my field of work. These tips are really great for mommas! There are a plethora of techniques out there to work through tantrums and help kiddos identify and express their feelings, needs and wants. Good post! 🙂

  • DD's blog

    Although I am not yet a mother, I find these tips very useful and informative. Well I love to read and the occasional blog with maternal experiences and advice because’ll certainly come in handy in the future. Thumbs up for post 🙂

  • Luna S

    Great list of tips, these are all important to remember. It can be so hard sometimes when you have a child going through a phase where they are throwing many tantrums each week.

  • Evelyn, PathofPresence

    I found myself nodding to every one of these (I’ve got 2 kiddos :-D. Great tips for preventative tantruming, and if it happens, know that “This too shall pass.” Thanks for this sage advice, Mama – I know this will help many others.

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