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Our Summer Bucket List

Every summer we have our summer bucket list of idea that we want to do. When we complete something off our summer bucket list we cross it off. That does not mean we only do these things once. We do as many things on our summer bucket list many times we try to do different things. That way every weekend were not doing the same things. If you are stuck with coming up of ideas for the summer I suggest you look at what your state has to offer. Are there places not to far that you could go see. Is there a lake near by or a community rec. Center?

Instead of always planning your weekends let your kiddos get involved. Have them pick off the list what they want to do for the weekend. Letting them pick will make them feel like there ideas are important and they will be more excited for the day of the event.

Here is my familes summer bucket list.

1. Go to the John Ball Zoo
2. Go to the beach
3. Go to the splash pad
4. Go to the farmers market
5. Go to the Art fair
6. Go tubing/kyaking
7. Play in the sprinklers
8. Go to Michigans Adventures
9. Go camping
10. Go to the pool
11. Go to the festival in the other town.
12. Go to local festival
13. Go to binder park zoo
14. Have a fire and roast marshmellows
15. Go on nature walks
16. Go hammocking
17. Get food from a food truck
18. Go to a parade
19. Have a picnic
20. Go on a bike ride
21. Go on the boat
22. Have a balloon fight
23. Go to the drive ins


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