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Living my life with Migraines

I can not tell you how many times ive heard “oh she just has a headache she will be fine”, wrong all wrong! If you have migraines then you know how you wish it was just a headache! I have been so very lucky this week with three of them. Yes you heard that right THREE migraines! I am not as lucky as some where they can get the day off from work. When a migraine hits I have to adjust what im doing to be able to do my job. When I say do my job I mean the bare minimum to get through the day.

Some of you may wonder how does a migraine effect you. Well theres a headache thay just hurts, uncomfortable. Then theres a migraine that throbs, feels like someone’s hands are in your brain squeezing it over and over. It effects your vision at times and makes you nauseous. When I get a migraine any light at all makes something so horrible 10x worse, any loud sounds amplifies the pain.

The lights we have at my work gives me a migraine. It slowly comes throughout the day. I bring my sunglasses into work and wear them all day except when rooming a patient. I also have my computer monitor at work turned all the way down to help reduce the amount of lights shining in my eyes.

Sometimes I am blessed with the ability of being home when a migraine hits. When they come on I take childrens liquid tylenol or motrin. “Why do you take children liquid medicine?” Any liquid medicine will hit your system faster then capsules or pills. After I take some medicine I lay in bed with the door shut and a pillow over my head to block out any light and muffle sounds. There has been so many times when the only thing I can do is cry. I cry because it hurts so bad and crying does not help the pain at all it makes it worse, however; I cry myself to sleep because many times sleeping for hours helps me.

Last night was the first time ive EVER gotten a headache in my sleep. I woke up in excruciating pain. Any movement felt like my brain was being squeezed and stabbed at the same time. There was no way I was able to sleep this one off!

I had my migraine for 9 hours last night. I was finally able to get some sleep around 11am. Never had a migraine last so long amd I pray that when my next one comes it does not stay long!

I wanted to share my story with migraines because its not talked about enough. (And for you all to understand why I disappeared this week) If you get migraines your not alone! They are awful and most of the time theres nothing you can do to get rid of them. No matter how much water you drink, how healthy you eat, cutting out processed foods and sugars they still come! Sometimes you just have to do the best you can at that moment to get through your day!



  • Ingrid

    I am sorry that you suffer from this excruciating pain. To think that there is no escape even in sleep is awful. After reading your post I have a better understanding of the nature of migraine headaches and will definitely be more empathetic to those who suffer from this affliction. I hope you get permanent relief from this pain

  • Jubilee D Meyer

    I am so sorry for your pain Angela! My heart breaks for you 🙁 Sending you lots of love and prayers

  • Jen @ Jenron Designs

    You know I feel you on this I thought that I suffered from migraines, they were debilitating, nausea, light sensitivity, auroras, the whole nine yards. I recently saw my doctor about getting some prescription grade medications as I was taking 3-4 doses of OTC’s. Turns out my blood pressure was playing a huge roll in this, I was prescribed both food pressure medications and a daily margarin medication and now I am fine.

  • TheHappyFoodKitchen

    I suffer from terrible migranes which are less a pain more a massive reaction that cause me to not be able to feel my hands and feel, hear, see, speak and ultimately pass out and be very sick. They are terrifying when they happen as I know I can’t do anything about them. I recently got a great dr who understands and they have given me a nasal spray (I was often sick so can’t depend on the medicine being in my system) It works so well. I would recommend you try it as it’s in your bloodstream so fast.

  • Evelyn, PathofPresence

    Welcome back – gentle, gentle ease and grace! 😀 Gosh, I am so sorry to hear that you live through this! Seems you deserve extra self care and pampering to compensate for this bizarre unexplainable phenomenon! Many blessings and much wellness your way! <3

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