My tips and tricks for flying with a child

Are you planning a trip? Are you searching pinterest for “tips for flying with toddlers? When I was preparing to fly from Michigan to Colorado I was searching let and right trying to figure out EVERYTHING I would need to fly with my 4 year old. What kinds of snacks, entertainment, bag, headphones, clothing to wear, could you bring a stroller to the terminal? There were many good articles about flying with toddlers not so much about young children. Here are my tips and tricks for flying with a child.

Most important item to bring on a plane are SNACKS! Yes snacks were a life saver on the 3 hour flight! About an hour into the flight my daughter started complaining she was hungry. I packed granola bars, fruit snacks, pretzels, and gummy worms. When she started complaining she was hungry I would pull out the zip lock baggie of snacks and let her choose what she wanted to eat.
When you are packing your snacks put them in a zip lock baggie. Putting them all in a baggie makes it so much easier to get through airport security. You can just pull the baggie out of your bag its all contained and you dont have to rush to put them all back in your bag.

My next tip is to pack a small blanket. Sounds a little crazy if your child is not attached to a blanket however airplanes are can be cold. Our flights was not terrible however my child was asleep before we even left the terminal. I was able to cuddle her up in her blanket and she slept the entire flight to Colorado.

ENTERTAINMENT.. This might be a no brainier, however; I had the hardest time figuring out what to pack! I went to our local dollar store and found entertainment coloring packet. They came with 3 crayons, stickers and a little coloring book. These hardly took up any room in her backpack so we were able to bring her little toy with her and her tablet along with the snack bag. Before we left for our trip i downloaded movies onto her tablet from Netflix. We try and limit her screen time but a tablet saved my sanity. She sat quite with her headphones on watching her movie the entire flight home. Only time she talked was when she wanted a snack. We had zero meltdowns!

What Bag should I pack for my child carry on? This question I was stuck on. I kept coming across post just trying to sell bags talking about how great it was and the link to buy it however any kid back pack works great. A back pack that was just her size that she could carry on her own!

Bring a stroller even if its an umbrella stroller. My umbrella stroller was a life saver when we went from terminal to terminal. When my daughter started crying about how her legs hurt her from walking she would hop in the stroller. Right before our trip we went to target and picked up an umbrella stroller.
This stroller worked great for exactly what we needed.

Those are my top tips for flying with a toddler!

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