Simple Unicorn Birthday Party

Have you been searching online for unicorn party ideas? I know I was for months trying to figure out what we were going to do. That’s when I decided to have a simple unicorn party. That was the best idea ever! The amount of stress taken off of my shoulders to keep it simple and not way over do it! I wanted it more on the simple side mainly because it was just in our garage and it was just family.

The CAKE…We have been blessed with the best cake lady EVER! I sent her pictures of a cake and cupcakes that I wanted for my child birthday and she made them EXACTLY how I wanted them! This is the second year using her as our cake lady and she is the best one in our area!
Here are some of the pictures from our simple unicorn party.

We kept the decorations pretty simply. We made a balloon arch that was above her cake and cupcakes. I used the air compressor to blow the balloons up to help speed up the process. After the balloons were filled up I used a needle and string to thread through the balloons. This DIY project was the most irritating project I did for her birthday party and I can say I will never make a balloon arch again without help at least and different items. It turned out ok however its not exactly how I wanted it. Bray absolutely loved the balloons so i would call that a win. We also had a happy birthday banner above the food table. On the table with the cup cakes and cake we had a unicorn number 4 and number 4 cut outs all over the table.

FOOD.. This took me the longest to decide what we are going to eat. I knew one thing when I started planning this party. I did NOT want to be in the kitchen for hours they day of the party. We wanted something easy, simple and fast. At first I was thinking of ordering pizza until I was trying to decide on what kinds of pizzas to order.
That’s when I came across hot dog bars on pinterest. PERFECT who wouldn’t want to build there own horn? Hot dogs.. Horns.. get it? Ya know because its a Unicorn party!

Not the headband in the picture but here is a cute unicorn headband.. Headband and dress from Gordmans.

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